Many people who visited my blog keep asking me whether these sites actually do pay. I do not put this information up here for nothing, nor am I here to solicit fraud or scams. For those that are skeptical, here's some proof:


Pinecone Research

That's about $40 for 3 weeks, not including the other surveys that I'm collecting points for! Surveys are sufficient and not very time consuming. You can complete them while watching TV. Now I can either save this money or treat myself to something nice.

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Well, BRLC is the ticker symbol for Syntax-Brillian Corporation. This company produces high quality HDTVs under the brand that many of you may have heard of – Olevia. They also manufacture the growing Vivitar digital cameras.

I bought shares before their quarter earnings reports and was expecting a highly anticipated improved earnings. Unfortunately, their management delayed the release of the reports AND their CFO left the company. Signs of an incompetent management team sent the stock price plummeting. Also, Asia suppliers to the company entered a credit crunch which would negatively affect production. And once the earnings were reported, the expected EPS missed by one cent. Just bombarded with bad news!!!!!!

Recently, Syntax-Brillian Corp. has appointed a new CFO, presented fruitfully at various conferences, and expected earnings for December are growing. As a result, the stock is climbing slowly.

(Price comparison according to Circuit City)

Olevia 32” LCD HDTV = $549.99

Sony 32” LCD HDTV = $899.99

Best Buy is testing waters with this company online but not in-store besides the many people asking if they had Olevia TVs. So the next time you go to Best Buy, ask to see the quality of these babies. No wonder Sony is getting worried about this competitive company.

Instead of a quick 20% return, I got myself a long term position. Nothing to be afraid of. This will test my patience and ability to take the roller coaster ride of the stock market.


School has SEVERELY hindered my progress. DAMN TEXTBOOKS! At least the university finally refunded part of my tuition. Soon, after I get the schoolwork into my daily routine, I'll update my net worth and add another income stream.

Today, from a friend's recommendation, I bought:

170 shares of BRLC @ 6.199

Let's see how well it'll do.


Last month's net worth = $2093
This month's net worth = $1856
Difference = -$237

School's about start and the drop in net worth is due to unavoidable expenses. As I said previously, it will go back up and FAST! That is, if the cost of textbooks do not stall my progress...


Ever surfed the web and came upon websites that say "Get Paid to Read Emails" or "Take a Survey and Get Paid!"? Seems quite captivating. But, you have a highly skeptical opinion towards such programs that seem too good to be true. Also, you have heard that these sites are scams. This is not entirely true. Some sites actually do reward those you participate in reading emails, taking surveys, signups for trials, and etc. Hold on, don't be excited so fast because there are limitations to these programs. For example, you only get FRACTIONS of a penny when reading emails AND you must earn a certain amount before you receive payment. Most people that actually get paid are those who utilize referral programs, which pays a percentage of what referred users earn. There are also plenty of paid survey sites. These sites do NOT require signup or membership fees, they are all FREE! Here are some sites that I, myself, participate in:

Wait, before signing up for any of the following sites, I recommend getting a Paypal account. It may be the only way to receive payment and it's also much quicker. Click the banner below to sign up.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Paid Surveys

American Consumer Opinion - $5 to $25 Surveys. Sign up by clicking the banner below!

Global Test Market - Points converted to cash rewards. *Leave your email address in the comments section and I will send a referral email.

NFO My Survey - Points converted to cash. $10 payouts. Pays up to $15 per survey. Pays by check. Sign up by clicking the banner below!

Opinion Outpost - Points converted to cash rewards. Quick $5 payouts. Sign up by clicking the banner below!

Pinecone Research - $5 paid for each survey. Pays quickly after each survey through Paypal. This research panel is highly limited in space and signup is available only if their banner is spotted on a website or by invite. *I currently have referral links for possible participants but they are specific in certain people for their research panel. If interested, please leave a comment with your gender, age, and email address.

Survey Savvy - $3 paid per survey. Also get paid for referrals. Pays by check. No minimum payout. Sign up by clicking the banner below!

Your2Cents - Quick $5 payouts. Pays by check.


- Register under the same email address so all the emails are organized.
- Write down all the usernames and passwords for each site.
- Don't just register for one site. Sign up for more!
- Feel free to join other similar sites but watch out for the ones that are scams. Remember that there should be no fees upon registration. Try to sign up for the ones with low payouts through Paypal. If you are suspicious of a site, just type in the name of the site and 'scam' or 'fraud' in a search engine and you'll see reviews of legitimacy.
- Read and take surveys as soon as you get them because they do expire.
- Complete member profiles in surveys sites so that you would be screened for possible surveys more often.
- Read emails with the Firefox browser so the ads open in a new window.
- Refer your friends, not others in your household.

I'll be updating this page when I find other great sites. Good Luck!