Today, I signed up online for a Roth IRA through Scottrade. It feels great!

Even though I won't be moving funds over any time soon. I'm definitely looking at mutual funds for possible candidates in my portfolio since several great funds have re-opened and the market seems to have become much less volatile compared to the previous month.

Also, Scottrade has given me a complimentary gift: a 12-month subscription to SmartMoney magazine. Nice!


The school year has finally settle in and now I'll be posting more frequently. Been a little busy remaking the blog layout and I'll be switching to using the Wordpress software.

I've applied for a job that I pretty much got but my credentials are waiting for approval. So I'll be working from 9AM - 3PM and have class from 4PM -10PM. Can't wait to start work, I need the $$$$.

Later this week, I'll be applying for the Roth IRA at Scottrade. I'll be looking into funds from Vanguard, Dodge & Cox, T. Rowe Price, and Marsico.

Today, I've sent my reinstatement request in to eBay. Hopefully they'll allow me to sell again. It would help provide myself with some residual income.

Finally, is a reminder to myself to renew my FAFSA application for the upcoming year. If only my parents would finish up with their taxes.


Coming from a Chinese family, I've always looked forward to this highly rewarding holiday. The point of the festivities of the new year include celebrating a happy and fortuitous year and hoping for another year of good health and prosperity. The lion dances and firecrackers serve to create a lively environment where everyone is happy and active. Also, there's the large family gatherings and tasty food.

This year though, the holiday landed on a weekday and it isn't observed in the United States. Education comes first and the long trip home rendered me unable to return to celebrate this holiday and to collect the red envelopes...

Although I'm not able to participate in the highly anticipated activity, my family would accept them on my behalf. Now I'm home to check how much I received! I might sound like a fiend for money but as I've gotten older, the total amount that I receive seem to have dwindled.

By tradition, it is usually the married couples who give out red envelopes and those who are young and single are the receivers. When you think of it, though I get money from family and friends, my parents are returning the gesture it is almost the equivalent of a large allowance. Having many children may be a benefit??

My Chinese New Year red envelopes accumulated: $270

Can't ask more of this holiday. With age comes maturity, so for me, this holiday is gradually drifting towards a more cultural value than a financial benefit.