Here is the sequel to my experience with suspension of my eBay account and there was a happy ending to it!

Recently, thanks to getting my first credit card, I was able to provide valid information to reinstate my account. It felt like a grueling and lengthy process just because they rejected all my previous forms of information over the period of one year. Now that I used my credit card information to reinstate the account... everything went quite smoothly. It took around 7 business days to clear me (that is VERY FAST considering how long I've been suspended).

If anyone else reading this was suspended, no matter what the reason, here is the link to reinstate your account: http://pages.ebay.com/help/community/reinstfaq.html. Follow the instructions. Oddly, this page is very hard to find!

You'd be very relieved as I am now. Time to make some money...


I was browsing around GameSpot and found the infamous Pinecone Research Ad and I thought that I'd share it with everyone. To satisfy those who are curious as to where, I saw it by viewing the in-game images for a PSP game (in a pop-up window).

To save the trouble for everyone here is the link to the sign up form.

They are paying $3 per survey and they are most likely looking for males in the age range of 18-mid 20s. Good luck in joining the panel.

By the way, the Pinecone Research Panel is THE BEST SURVEY SITE OUT THERE!
For more information about other available survey sites click here.


As the end of my undergraduate college education is coming, I've seriously started to consider what I would be doing after I graduate. My utmost priority is definitely getting into dental school and that is what I'll be working on doing.

I'd would love to make money by working on campus but it wouldn't allow time for extracurricular activity, which every graduate school (no matter what field it is) requires. Therefore, have forfeited any opportunities of job income and devoted myself to my university's volunteer programs where I'd be helping out in the hospital's emergency department and in my university's dental school.

With this experience, it'll help my chances of getting into graduate school and when I come out from there, money shouldn't be a problem (though I'd be drowning in debt).

Many people have stressed that a college education is to be considered an investment and this is the perfect example of why everyone should take advantage of any further education available. My estimated annual salary with just the bachelor's degree would be in the range of $35,000 to $40,000 while coming out of dental school would provide for a salary of no less than $100,000.

Even with the costs of higher education, the intrinsic value of knowledge is priceless. That is why giving up a job for a chance to land a dream job would prove its worth.

Plus, volunteering is a great way to give back to the community!!