I don't know what is going on lately but everyone has been turning to me for knowledge on saving money.

HSBC Direct 3.50%

When my family and friends learn that I have all these financial accounts, even though there isn't much money in them, they seek to do the same so that they can develop the essential habit of saving.

Many of them also saw the TV commercials for ING Direct and sought advice from me about opening Orange Savings accounts. I said it was a great place to start a high-yield savings account (although I use HSBC Direct). so, I referred a few people I knew through the ads and made a little commission while I helped them jump start their saving mentality.

Thus, I encourage everyone to do the same!!


Many people know of the switch to digital television in February of 2009. Ever since my father knew this news, he has been planning to purchase the converter boxes for our TVs. Luckily, he didn't jump on buying on so fast.

He was reading the Chinese newspaper and discovered a notice to everyone of the coupons being distributed by the government that were used exclusively towards the purchase of the converter boxes. He immediately told me to sign up for those coupons at www.dtv2009.gov. So this is a reminder to all those who need to buy the converter boxes to get the coupons to save some money.

Each household can receive up to (2) $40 coupons for the converter boxes. They cannot be combined towards a single purchase nor can they be used for any other items.

If you have more questions about the switch, visit www.dtvanswers.com.


Paying for a college education is a financial burden that is continuously becoming more and more expensive to handle. Aside from college tuition, living expenses increase the monetary responsibilities of the typical college student.

Residing in school dormitories is pretty expensive. I pay around $3000 per semester for a single room in my university's residence apartments. Other choose to rent out rooms in nearby homes, but travel time and expenses are added to the cost.

Recently, I received a letter from my school saying that I was charged $33 for the cleaning of the refrigerator and removal of items in the kitchen. This amount was also charged to each of my five suitemates. I know that I'm a very tidy individual and that I left nothing in the kitchen. Thus, it was a stupid thing to get charged for.

A friend of mine, who rented a home with some of his friends ,was charged $1800 by the landlord for a water heater that needed repairing.

These are really silly charged that could be avoided with little maintenance. College students should treat their dorms as their own homes because it IS their home during school. It isn't a hotel room, which many college students treat it as.

This coming semester, I'd be living in the dorm apartment with mostly friends and that would make it easier to communicate and cooperate to keep the dorm a clean and comfortable living environment. And also... to avoid the ridiculous charges!