Bought: 29 shares of ESLR @ $17.98

Yesterday's great rally for solar stocks brought upon by China's energy plans set up many profitable plays. Too bad I was relunctant to jump in on CSUN, AKNS, HOKU and many of the other stocks that soared.

I feel that solar plays aren't not totally done yet. The chart of ESLR shows what is believed to be the completion of a cup-and-handle pattern from yesterday's rally and today's profit-takers. I am expecting a breakout or at least an uptrend.


Hope everyone had a merry Christmas!

This Christmas, as with many past years, gifts are hardly the main attraction of this holiday in my home. Brought up by first generation immigrant parents, we do not share the common American tradition of exchanging presents.

Our typical celebration, as with many other holidays, includes having a large family gathering where grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins come to spend time together. It gives us an opportunity to see the relatives and catch up on the latest happenings of their lives. A great time results from simply activities such as cooking, eating, gambling, talking, and playing. Oh, and what about the adorable baby twins?!

Society presents Christmas with as the day for GIFTS. While that may be just what is on everyone's minds, the day provides many things people rarely receive in a fast paced world such as a day of from work which they can then spend with family.

Though I did find a way to treat myself to something at the cost of $0. A free copy of Quicken Premier 2007 and virtually unlimited free PSP games!!!

"The best things in life are free."


Saving money as early as possible is definitely a positive and beneficial attitude to have but sometimes, it may be better to start a little later.

Coming from a lower class income family with a household income of about $23,000 and two adults and two college children, paying for school wouldn't be easy (virtually impossible) without the help of financial aid.

During the spring, before every undergraduate school year, we must file a FAFSA form and the government compiles all relevant financial data and provides us with a number for my EFC (Estimated Family Contribution). The higher that number is, the more you'll have to pay out of your own pockets. So, we strive for the lowest EFC possible. A mere $500 in your bank account can make a big difference in this number.

If a hard working 13-year-old worked five years to save up $4000 in any bank account. The amound of financial aid that he receives would decrease dramatically. When applying for financial aid, personal assets have a larger effect on what you receive compared to parental assets. When I swiped my debit card for a few hundred bucks, I revised the application (which they allow you to do) and the EFC fell drastically.

This year, I will be filing my application for the last time as an undergrad while I just started getting serious about saving money. All the money in my brokerage, savings and checking accounts would have to be reported. What I have now is substantially more than what I had at the same time last year.

Fortunately, an individual retirement account is not a factor in the financial aid equation and that is great news since I was about to open a Roth IRA soon, after I find the right place to open it.

So, I've decided to cease depositing money into bank accounts (or take some out?). I'll resume after filing the application.

For those in families with low incomes desperately in need the financial aid and still in your early years of college, I suggest not putting to much into a bank account. Instead, open a Roth IRA.


Sold: 4 shares of RIMM @ $120.07

Grabbed the profit from the large gap up from yesterday's after-market and today's pre-market due to a positively welcomed earnings report.


Today, I received an email regarding my savings account that put a frown on my face.

We are writing to inform you that based on the recent drop by the Federal Reserve, HSBC Direct has adjusted your Online Savings Account rate to 4.25% APY*. At 9x the national savings average**, you are still earning one of America’s highest savings rates.

The rate has been reduced from 4.50% APY to 4.25% APY. There has been a 0.80% change in the past 3 months. This is not a small percentage since the interest after being compounded makes a big difference.

The drop didn't affect only HSBC Direct of course, all the other high-yield savings accounts would also have this change. Everyone else should be receiving emails that their bank is doing the same.

Maybe it is time to allocate more into CDs?


Sold: 170 shares BRLC @ $2.55

Bought: 4 shares RIMM @ $106.81

Jumped on the upcoming earnings report from Research in Motion without doubting that they'd report any bad news.

Turned out great??

(P.S. My next phone is a Blackberry by the way. Heh.)


Last month's Net Worth: $1492

This month's Net Worth: $1140

Hard hit in the investment game...


Sorry for the lack of updates and lately. It's finals week and I have had only 4 hours of sleep in the past 60 hours due to about 18 pages worth of papers to write and more hours would be spent for some studying.

Here are some ramblings and posts on my mind which are yet to come:

  • Net Worth and Investment Portfolio Updates
  • Choosing my first credit card
  • How would opening an IRA now affect my future financial aid for college?
  • How to restrict yourself from overspending
Good luck to all others who are taking their exams and WATCH YOUR CHRISTMAS SPENDING!!


Usually on eBay, I sell coupons, trading cards and sneakers. But one year ago, I discovered a profitable business. And... it is also what led my account to be SUSPENDED...
Here's the how it went:

I played this role-playing video game where a digital character had 'items'. After learning to exploit a bug within the game, I was able to create replicas of such items and used them for trading in the game's marketplace. Then, the newly acquired items would be sold on eBay. About 15 of them sold for an average of about $6 USD each within a week. These sales were all digital, quick, and required very little effort for a residual income of about $90/week!!

But... in the first 2 weeks that I begun to sell, eBay began banning these digital items for sale.


Other people have made tens of thousands of dollars in the past several years from selling them and they suspend my account when I just started to do so.

And so, I've been trying to reinstate my account for the last 11 months, which requires copies of a U.S. ID and a government or utility bill.

Where the heck am I supposed to get a government or utility bill? I've sent in a copy of my driver's license and my tuition bill... four times. They keep replying that the information I sent in was not legible. I printed in color AND I blew it up for them!!

Guess I'll wait for my new passport (or they need a magnifying glass)...


As a young adult, I am VERY interested in technology and the coolest, newest gadgets are always in my eyes but not necessarily my hands.

Black Friday is one of the most hysterical shopping days of the year. With items knocked down to ridiculously cheap prices, everyone is on the hunt for something new to play with. I, myself, was interested in the 19-inch LCD monitors for $99.99, Bl
uetooth headsets for $9.99, and laser printers for $24.99.

All are pretty toys at bargain prices but... I didn't join the hype!!

Firstly, I applied one of the rules before going out to shop. The simple task is asking myself, "Do I really need this?".

  • My CRT monitor is working perfectly fine.
  • I have hands.
  • I don't pay for the tuition fees if I can't print something out at the library.
Plus, I'm on a tight budget. Haha!

Oh yeah, and look at the people of I have to compete with others starting the Thursday afternoon (or even early) in NYC at chilly temperatures for 5-8 hours!!

No thanks. From now on, Black Friday shall be the day when I do not spend a single penny. But, I also congratulate those who bought something because it definitely took much time and effort.


After taking personal finances seriously at the end of the summer, I've been trying to attain as much literature possible to better inform myself. Since classes have begun, there is little time for finishing a 200-page book when there is a 1000-page textbook to complete first. And that is why I've turned to the great convenience of magazines and newspapers.

No matter the price of a the annual subscription fees, I just do not want to have to pay for something that I would read and throw away. I am sure that MANY other people feel the same way. So let's check the local public library for the mags and voila! There are amazing a large variety of magazines, including all the popular personal finance magazines (Kiplinger's Personal Finance, Money, SmartMoney, Entrepreneur).

And when I moved back to campus, I looked around the university library and there they were. Also, all throughout campus buildings, there are copies of the daily New York Times and USA Today that are free for the taking. There better be, considering the tuition that we pay!

So that's another luxury that anyone can get without the subscriptions fees. Just look around and check the public library.


Higher education brings forth higher costs. Among the many expenses that college entails, food expenses is a category that is easiest to develop frugal habits. During freshmen and sophomore years, I paid $1500 per semester for a campus meal plan. Now, I've opted out of that meal plan and chose to cook. And so, every weekend, I'd take the campus bus to the local Waldbaum's.

Since I just cleared my fridge, let's take a look of my grocery receipt that has covered my eating necessities for the past 2 weeks:

From the list above (didn't add tax and such), I can last at least 2 weeks which rounds off to about $25 per week.
Eating on campus averages $6.00 per meal at 3 times a day and 7 days a week = $126 per week.


Keep in mind that I can actually spend less if I chose eliminate the junk food, which would also benefit my health. It is possible even to survive on just $10,or less, per week if I just ate pasta!! My diet is considered luxurious compared to the possibilities out there.

Even after stressing the amount of money that can be saved for food, there are still reasons that college students refuse to cook:

  • Lazyness: "Why cook when I can just go to the dining hall?"
  • Busy class schedule: "I have no time to go back to my dorm to cook."
  • Waking up late: "Class starts in 10 minutes. Guess I'll skip breakfast."
  • Avoidance: "I don't know how to cook."
Time is money. Spending a little more time to prepare food has changed my budget, drastically.

Then again, there are dorm housing fees...


Last month’s net worth: $1535

This month’s net worth: $1492

Difference: $-43

It's about time the net worth line levels off. I am finally being paid by the university for working at my campus job. By next month, I'll definitely be seeing positive results ( hoping that BRLC performs accordingly). The negative result is due to the drop in price of BRLC at the time of this post. Stock news on the company coming soon.


Here is another method of making money online that does not require the hassle of signing up for certain online programs or surveys and there is no need to create you own blog or website (maybe it is too much of a hassle). Here I introduce, Associated Content, a place on the internet where you can get paid for submitting published content such as written articles, audio clips, and video clips.

There is a chance that your work can be published by companies that wish to use it for their own purposes and YOU GET PAID FOR IT. While not everything may be useful, you still get paid for the number of views that your work receives. They currently pay $1.50 USD for every 1000 views.

It may seem that doing such work does not seem to be worth the effort. But think about it, once you provide more and more content, page views would come more frequent and the content that is submitted stays on their website.

Those who enjoy writing have found that it is a great place to share your knowledge, thoughts and opinions while receiving compensation (thought they find it not to be the most important incentive) for doing so. The content will also benefit those who choose to view it.

Every topic imaginable can be submitted and found in Associated Content.

Are you highly informed or opinionated and love to express yourself through writing?

If so, then sign up by clicking below. Be sure to link me to your content!

Join Associated Content


A few weeks ago, I opened an HSBC Direct Savings account, which at the time was offering a very attractive 5.05% APY. Then recently, it dropped to 4.50%!! Why the heck did they do that for? What a coincidence it was that they chose to reduce the rate right after I opened an account. So then I looked around at the other banks offering high yield online savings accounts and saw that many of the other banks also reduced their rates ( ING Direct: 4.30%, Emigrant Direct: 4.75%).

Though the 0.55% drop was a hard blow, I decided to stick with it. It is still a great place to save my money.


Guest Post by: W. Liang


I am writing to all of you concerning a possible “scam” running by a corporation by the name of Bally Total Fitness. If you don’t know what that is, this corporation runs a nationwide chain of fitness centers and gyms. On August of 2007, this corporation filed for bankruptcy protection, yet many members and consumers seem to be unaware of this. Bally Total Fitness sees that while their corporation is going down the hole, they will make almost anyone and everyone a target for their unlawful business practices. They will do everything in their power to lure you with their empty promises so you can sign three-year contracts that are almost impossible to get out of. There are three ways:

1 ) YOU DIE.
2) You move 25 miles away from any Bally’s facility.
3) Injure yourself… or fake an injury for a doctor’s note.

My Story: I walked into a Bally Total Fitness facility nearby my home with a friend. A sales person immediately sat us down, gave us a clipboard and told us to sign some release forms before they told us about their plans. We figured it was pretty much harmless because we thought we were in control. Another note: Bally’s do not offer any pamphlets or flyers on membership plans and prices. We were led into an office and a friendly salesperson, who I shall not name, began to ask us about our commitments. We told them we were looking for a month-to-month plan for two months and that was it. He told us that for a month-to-month, we were only limited to workout on three specific days of the week. It would be $60 a month. We thought it was too expensive and got up to go. He stopped us and gave us another suggestion: $38 dollars a month for each person if we put a down payment of $57. We still though it was too expensive for our budget and told him we would go home and think about it. Desperate for us to stay, he said he would cut us a special deal: $5 down payment and $38 each person for each month. We thought it was too good to be true, but had us convinced when he said he was the manager and had the power to do cut deals like that. As long as we go 17 times for within 60 days, we can cancel without any fees. He told us to give an ID card and credit card and gave us an eight page contract. Note that he never told us it was a contract nor did he say it was for 36 months.

Two months went by; we abided to the rules, went 17 times and went for a cancellation. When I got there, I was denied because the number of times I attended magically turned to 12. The salesperson who signed me up gave me another alternative. If I was going back to college, send in a proof of residence and address and give a fee of $50 along with a notice of cancellation MAILED to their headquarters in California. I was denied again because I was told I must be at least 25 miles away from any facility. My salesperson knew very well where my university was being a college student himself. Also, I found out he was in fact not the manager of the club. The manager of the club was actually a woman. Right then and there, I knew that there was something really fishy with this company. So it’s been 5 months and I am still locked in this contract and haven’t found a way out.



I did some research online and was shocked and appalled by the number of websites, forums and personal stories about how this major corporation has screwed them over. It has been the subject of federal investigations across America, involving the New York State Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. Former Attorney State General Eliot Spitzer had some agreements of reform for the company. However, Bally’s just isn’t living to their end of the agreement. So, I decided to share some of the stories I found on forums on the internet:

- 17-year old girl walked into her local Bally Total Fitness and informs staff she is a minor. Staff member assures her that he will take care of everything and ends up taking all her information and changes her birthday on the contract so she can be born one year earlier.
- U.S. Military person was denied of cancellation even after sending in papers for proof of his deployment to Iraq. Years later, was harassed by Bally’s Collection Agency. Credit report ruined. Bally claimed they have never received such letter at their headquarters.

- 20-year old college student was promised a student plan, but finds out his membership was never cancelled because supposedly, his card was found active in another state far away from him. Harassed by collection agency; credit report ruined.

- Half of the stories on the internet involving cancellation denial were that Bally claims they never received any documents or cancellation notices. However, the ones who fax them or mail them notices along with the threat to sue were not denied of cancellation.

- Many victims of this “scam” were involved because of fraud, forged signatures on contracts and pressure.

Many people who fall victim to this corporation is more or less our age. Now, I understand some of you might be members and are completely satisfied with the services; and some of you might be a current/former employee who enjoys working for Bally’s. I’m not saying every salesperson out there is deceptive. However, I do feel that one must take a closer look at what is happening with this company and why are there so many consumers out there who are completely dissatisfied with this corporation. If it is nothing but a few complaints, then maybe it is the consumers who are to blame, but if there are thousands upon thousands of complaints out there, it does not take a genius to figure out that this corporation is hiding something.

I left the title of this article or whatever it a question because I want you to decide for yourself whether or not Bally Total Fitness is actually scamming people. For me, I cannot find myself supporting such a crooked company that makes their money by lying and stealing. So please, tell a friend; and tell a friend to tell another friend and let this be one step closer to the shut-down of this bully of a corporation… or at least some reforms to their policy. Let’s be truthful now, I am sure most of you have considered joining a gym at one point or another in your life. So now, I am sharing my story with you all in hopes of preventing more unsuspecting consumers from being scammed.



Everyone has their own formula for the number of accounts and the amount of money they put in them. I figured. Depending on their lifestyle and budget, people divide accordingly. Keeping to the setup of my finances is very important to financial stability. The general accounts that many people consider are:

  • Savings
  • Checking
  • Credit Card
  • Emergency Fund
  • Brokerage
  • Individual Retirement
Currently my financial accounts percentage setup is:

At my stage in life, I have no need for an emergency fund nor do I have or want to use a credit card until I feel the need for a good-standing credit score.

So, here is what I hope my finance allotment would look like by the time I accomplish my short-term goal:

A person's personality and age often determines how he/she uses and disperses their money.
  • Big spender/Teens and young adults - Allocate more in checking and credit card accounts.
  • Risk Taker/Young adults - Allocate more in brokerage and emergency fund accounts.
  • Conservative/Mature adults and elders - Allocate more in savings and retirement accounts.
I'm the conservative type but I'm young and curious, particularly in business and the stock market, so I allow myself to entertain my interests. BUT I will be working to reach my ideal setup.


Blogging is a very productive activity whether the blog is for personal, informational, educational, or entertainment purposes. Many people blog, primarily, to let others to view and never think that they can make a little spare change from it. Looking at side bars of my blog, you can see plenty of advertisements that pertain to the field of my blog. These ads have the potential to bring in cash, depending on the amount of traffic.

Lets say you like to blog about video games. On that blog, you give reviews of a certain game or system, notify others of discount prices, and provide upcoming news of the gaming industry. Now what ads would seem appropriate?

Google Adsense - Pretty much a given. They provide relevant ads to the blog content. People make hundreds from the program.

Commission Junction

They are at the center of hundreds of companies that wish to provide affiliate marketing. From here, you'll find many ads concerning your topic. From just a little searching I found these appropriate advertisers for a video game site:

  • eBay
  • Buy.com
  • GameFly
  • Best Buy
  • Newegg.com

Similar to Commission Junction providing affiliate marketing for other companies. And here I found:
  • EBgames
  • Gamestop
  • Bidz
  • J & R
  • Toy R Us
  • Walmart
Putting up these ads are simple and quick. Just copy the provided scripts and html codes and the ads will appear fully functional. Once the visits become plentiful, you'll see substantial income.

Next, here is a site that PAYS you to blog. Basically, they have companies who want others to write a post about a certain topic. If there is a new video game and they want someone write a review of the game and post in on a blog, you'd qualify. They pay $25 for your first post! Afterwards, compensation varies depending on the requests.


These are only a FEW of the many ways you can use your blog to make a little spare change. Many other programs out there exist and it is up to you to take advantage of them. Blogging provides a person with not only possible income but you become more productive. This blog definitely improved my writing, allowed expression of my thoughts and experiences, and gave me the opportunity to learn and use computer coding. It would probably do the same for anyone else who has a blog. Put this beneficial activity into your list of hobbies!




Syntax-Brillian (BRLC) shot up today by 25.69% up to $4.99. This was an odd occasion since there was no news that could have sent the stock price rising. What do I care right? As long as it goes up, I'm happy. And, it is still climbing during after-market trading to $5.04.

Possible upcoming rumors:

  • Secretive collaboration with China's government
  • Olevia will be the official brand of TVs for the Beijing 2008 Olympics
  • Best Buy got a deal with the company
  • Company buyout
Whatever it is, it's gonna be goooooooooooooood for me.


Last month's net worth = $1856
This month's net worth = $1535
Difference = -$321

All thanks to BRLC! Well, work starts today and my income will become more steady. Gosh, this is depressing but I am still OPTIMISTIC. Can't let it stop my progress.


Many people who visited my blog keep asking me whether these sites actually do pay. I do not put this information up here for nothing, nor am I here to solicit fraud or scams. For those that are skeptical, here's some proof:


Pinecone Research

That's about $40 for 3 weeks, not including the other surveys that I'm collecting points for! Surveys are sufficient and not very time consuming. You can complete them while watching TV. Now I can either save this money or treat myself to something nice.

So join now! Click here!


Well, BRLC is the ticker symbol for Syntax-Brillian Corporation. This company produces high quality HDTVs under the brand that many of you may have heard of – Olevia. They also manufacture the growing Vivitar digital cameras.

I bought shares before their quarter earnings reports and was expecting a highly anticipated improved earnings. Unfortunately, their management delayed the release of the reports AND their CFO left the company. Signs of an incompetent management team sent the stock price plummeting. Also, Asia suppliers to the company entered a credit crunch which would negatively affect production. And once the earnings were reported, the expected EPS missed by one cent. Just bombarded with bad news!!!!!!

Recently, Syntax-Brillian Corp. has appointed a new CFO, presented fruitfully at various conferences, and expected earnings for December are growing. As a result, the stock is climbing slowly.

(Price comparison according to Circuit City)

Olevia 32” LCD HDTV = $549.99

Sony 32” LCD HDTV = $899.99

Best Buy is testing waters with this company online but not in-store besides the many people asking if they had Olevia TVs. So the next time you go to Best Buy, ask to see the quality of these babies. No wonder Sony is getting worried about this competitive company.

Instead of a quick 20% return, I got myself a long term position. Nothing to be afraid of. This will test my patience and ability to take the roller coaster ride of the stock market.


School has SEVERELY hindered my progress. DAMN TEXTBOOKS! At least the university finally refunded part of my tuition. Soon, after I get the schoolwork into my daily routine, I'll update my net worth and add another income stream.

Today, from a friend's recommendation, I bought:

170 shares of BRLC @ 6.199

Let's see how well it'll do.


Last month's net worth = $2093
This month's net worth = $1856
Difference = -$237

School's about start and the drop in net worth is due to unavoidable expenses. As I said previously, it will go back up and FAST! That is, if the cost of textbooks do not stall my progress...


Ever surfed the web and came upon websites that say "Get Paid to Read Emails" or "Take a Survey and Get Paid!"? Seems quite captivating. But, you have a highly skeptical opinion towards such programs that seem too good to be true. Also, you have heard that these sites are scams. This is not entirely true. Some sites actually do reward those you participate in reading emails, taking surveys, signups for trials, and etc. Hold on, don't be excited so fast because there are limitations to these programs. For example, you only get FRACTIONS of a penny when reading emails AND you must earn a certain amount before you receive payment. Most people that actually get paid are those who utilize referral programs, which pays a percentage of what referred users earn. There are also plenty of paid survey sites. These sites do NOT require signup or membership fees, they are all FREE! Here are some sites that I, myself, participate in:

Wait, before signing up for any of the following sites, I recommend getting a Paypal account. It may be the only way to receive payment and it's also much quicker. Click the banner below to sign up.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Paid Surveys

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Your2Cents - Quick $5 payouts. Pays by check.


- Register under the same email address so all the emails are organized.
- Write down all the usernames and passwords for each site.
- Don't just register for one site. Sign up for more!
- Feel free to join other similar sites but watch out for the ones that are scams. Remember that there should be no fees upon registration. Try to sign up for the ones with low payouts through Paypal. If you are suspicious of a site, just type in the name of the site and 'scam' or 'fraud' in a search engine and you'll see reviews of legitimacy.
- Read and take surveys as soon as you get them because they do expire.
- Complete member profiles in surveys sites so that you would be screened for possible surveys more often.
- Read emails with the Firefox browser so the ads open in a new window.
- Refer your friends, not others in your household.

I'll be updating this page when I find other great sites. Good Luck!


Having a job is the best and most stable way of earning steady income. That is why getting a job should have priority over any other method of making a dollar. No matter who you are and what skills you have, there is a boss out there that would love to order you around to do work, while you get paid for it. Even if you are working in a fast food restaurant and making minimum wage, you must remember that you are getting money. Though I sound like I'm money-hungry, that is only a disguise for my true purpose of earning money. I believe one must have money to make money. Just the simple deposit of a percentage of earnings in various banking accounts can yield a worth return. When watching the numbers go up in your bank account, you’ll discover a great sense of accomplishment. Thus, this is the same attitude one should have towards working and towards money. And so, a job (or two) is most important in building a multiple income stream. To get a job, one presents to the employer a decent resume (or at least a decent-looking resume). Here are two examples of acceptable resumes:

Many people do not have the slightest idea how to write their resume though it is amazingly easy. Just follow the samples and replace everything with your own details. Also, Microsoft Word has a resume wizard, as do many other document-writing programs, which assist in correctly arranging your information and qualifications. Note: if a certain category doesn’t apply to you, don’t include it in the resume (i.e. you never had an internship, so just delete that category). Adding it would make you look bad. Instead, you may include things such as community services or volunteer experience. Visit this site for other great resume tips: http://jobstar.org/tools/resume/yana24.php.

Now where can you find a job? Take a walk down the busiest street you know or go to the mall. Or, why not take advantage of the great power of the Internet? Here are some sites that are ideal for locating job opportunities in your area.


Monster Jobs



Yahoo! HotJobs

Once you land that job, work, work, and work. Clock in at 9AM and clock out at 5PM. Take as many shifts as you can handle. Soon you’ll have no time to spend the money, hopefully, and you’ll see that bank statement with increasing numbers. Remember that a job will give you money and money is needed to make more money.


Just got back from a trip and it put me down by $201. Net worth would continue to drop since the school year is about to begin and that always calls for some new clothes. Though afterwards, more money would be coming in with less going out.

Ever since my interest in stocks, stimulated by a friend, I've been continuously educating myself on every aspect of investing. Here are a few suggested books I have read or am reading:

The Online Trading Survival Guide : An indispensable handbook for today's wired investor, by Jack Guinan
The Winning Investment Habits of Warren Buffett and George Soros, by Mark Tier
- The Successful Investor, by William J. O'Neil

- The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham


Welcome to my blog, which is finally up and running smoothly. Here I'll post all the events involving my finances as a way to track and to remind myself of the goals I wish to accomplish. I will also be providing educative information that I find useful.

My name is Simon and I am undergraduate college student at Stony Brook University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Health Science and a minor in Business Management. The prospective future includes a career in the health professions, hopefully in dentistry. Though still in college, I'm utilizing all possible methods for extra sources of income. Currently, multiple streams of income are from a university job, paid online surveys, and affiliate marketing. I guarantee that I'll be discovering others for making money and increasing networth.

This is a personal finance blog that I started after looking around the internet and finding the many other educational blogs that are out there. After doing so, I decided to start one myself and taking my finances seriously and try to make my future a prosperous one. On the last day of every month, there will be an update post on my current net worth to track my progress.

I'm starting with a little under $2,000 and I try to manage it to meet my goals. I'll venturing into the world of stock investing and retirement along with searching for more sources of residual income. I'm looking to greatly increase my knowledge of the financial world and I'll share the information with my readers.