At last, it is here! After the search for my first credit card, I applied for the Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card for College Students and it finally came in the mail. Oddly, I was entitled to only a $3000 credit limit but that doesn't put me down since I know that I wouldn't be carrying a balance that is anywhere close to that amount.

One great feature that I found to be very practical and defensive, with regards to unauthorized purchases, were Virtual Account Numbers. It generates a substitute account number for an online purchase so that I won't be surprised by a fraudulent charge on the card.

Uncharacteristically, I charged the credit card the day that it arrived. I bought a prepaid refill minutes for my phone and a book from Amazon. So, I actively used that great Virtual Account feature to my advantage. Looks like it will become a frequent practice...

It's the FIRST DAY and I already have credit card debt? Well, of course not. I'll be paying it off online soon. (I hate to owe people stuff.)

P.S. Here are the links to carnivals in which The Search For My First Credit Card was presented.


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