As everyone else has done already, setting goals are important in financial planning. with realistically achievable goals, it gives purpose and motivation to complete them. I might as well do the same although I already had goals set in mind a while ago. To join the hype of resolution-making, I'll create a checklist as a record. In the order that I hope to pursue them, here are my financial goals for the year:

  1. Open a Roth IRA.
  2. Have $2,000 funded in my brokerage account.
  3. Have $2,000 funded in my Roth IRA.
  4. Have $5,000 funded in my high-yield savings account.
  5. Reach the total net worth of $10,000.
These goals are considered downgraded since I'll using the end of the year as the deadline instead of early summer. The previously configured setup of my financial accounts will not change. This year would prove to be painful and the impending setbacks include:
  • College tuition
  • DAT prep
  • DAT fees
  • Dental school applications
A couple thousand of dollars would vanish with ease. I guess this is what is called "investing in your education".


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