Ever since getting my eBay account reinstated after staying dormant for the past year, I've been excited to make some residual income with the many selling methods that I have. Sadly it seems that eBay has changed a lot during the past year. They've implemented many rules and restrictions that completely eliminated any means of me making some money.

I used to sell "items" in a video game that was represented by electronic data in the form of pixels. So, that was totally removed from selling throughout eBay. Then, eBooks (electronic books in the form of PDF files usually) became a restricted selling category. All information products, which were delivered electronically, became illegal items for selling on the site.

These were the best items to sell because they came at no cost to the seller. Many sellers' annual income came solely from selling on eBay. Their lives have been ruined. They must make their own websites to sell their goods but that will most likely fail due to the minimal exposure they'd receive.

Recently, I've came up with the idea of selling mod kits for the PSP on eBay and as soon as I purchased the materials to do so, eBay started removing those listings due to infringement of Sony's copyrights (when all coding was actually freeware).

This company is bound to lose a lot of revenue from listings if it continues to restrict the selling of items on eBay. It seems to be a dying business model and its sideways-moving stock price in the past couple years seems to be supporting my case.

When eBay was first introduced it was great because it was a great place to sell/buy almost anything possible. Now, eBay's high popularity is actually ruining its business. When I want to buy an item, I go straight to eBay. I do not go to Dell.com or visit a Gamestop store to purchase something. Why pay retail when I can go to eBay to get it for less? Now all the big companies realize that eBay is actually causing them to lose money and threated eBay of legal consequences and rights just so that the big companies don't miss out on the money.

For example: I represent Coach or Gucci. A seller is selling REAL handbags on eBay for a lower price than one would find at the retail store. I would tell eBay that the handbags are counterfeits and demand them to remove those listings immediately. Now, the money spent on the handbag merchandise by the seller is kept by me. AND, any prospective buyer would have to go to the store to pay ME AGAIN to get whatever item that person sought on eBay. By locking up the capital spent on the reseller, a future customer would have to come straight to me to buy something.

Anyways, I might be turning to Amazon or some other site to sell my merchandise. EBay is no good, anymore, for selling but it remains a great place to find bargains for other useful items.


Rachel @ Master Your Card said... @ June 3, 2008 at 8:58 AM

I used to make a lot of money selling my ebooks on ebay too. I was really cross when they stopped me being able to sell them - they were books that I had written so I held the copyright and so I just couldn't understand their objection.

Jerry said... @ June 13, 2008 at 12:34 AM

That stinks about the restrictions for you selling on ebay. It seems like they are getting really rigid about selling criteria. I love ebay and even though I'm in insurance I use it as an additional stream of income and it's really fun. I hope you can find a way to get the exposure you need.


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