Here is another method of making money online that does not require the hassle of signing up for certain online programs or surveys and there is no need to create you own blog or website (maybe it is too much of a hassle). Here I introduce, Associated Content, a place on the internet where you can get paid for submitting published content such as written articles, audio clips, and video clips.

There is a chance that your work can be published by companies that wish to use it for their own purposes and YOU GET PAID FOR IT. While not everything may be useful, you still get paid for the number of views that your work receives. They currently pay $1.50 USD for every 1000 views.

It may seem that doing such work does not seem to be worth the effort. But think about it, once you provide more and more content, page views would come more frequent and the content that is submitted stays on their website.

Those who enjoy writing have found that it is a great place to share your knowledge, thoughts and opinions while receiving compensation (thought they find it not to be the most important incentive) for doing so. The content will also benefit those who choose to view it.

Every topic imaginable can be submitted and found in Associated Content.

Are you highly informed or opinionated and love to express yourself through writing?

If so, then sign up by clicking below. Be sure to link me to your content!

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