As a young adult, I am VERY interested in technology and the coolest, newest gadgets are always in my eyes but not necessarily my hands.

Black Friday is one of the most hysterical shopping days of the year. With items knocked down to ridiculously cheap prices, everyone is on the hunt for something new to play with. I, myself, was interested in the 19-inch LCD monitors for $99.99, Bl
uetooth headsets for $9.99, and laser printers for $24.99.

All are pretty toys at bargain prices but... I didn't join the hype!!

Firstly, I applied one of the rules before going out to shop. The simple task is asking myself, "Do I really need this?".

  • My CRT monitor is working perfectly fine.
  • I have hands.
  • I don't pay for the tuition fees if I can't print something out at the library.
Plus, I'm on a tight budget. Haha!

Oh yeah, and look at the people of I have to compete with others starting the Thursday afternoon (or even early) in NYC at chilly temperatures for 5-8 hours!!

No thanks. From now on, Black Friday shall be the day when I do not spend a single penny. But, I also congratulate those who bought something because it definitely took much time and effort.


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