Usually on eBay, I sell coupons, trading cards and sneakers. But one year ago, I discovered a profitable business. And... it is also what led my account to be SUSPENDED...
Here's the how it went:

I played this role-playing video game where a digital character had 'items'. After learning to exploit a bug within the game, I was able to create replicas of such items and used them for trading in the game's marketplace. Then, the newly acquired items would be sold on eBay. About 15 of them sold for an average of about $6 USD each within a week. These sales were all digital, quick, and required very little effort for a residual income of about $90/week!!

But... in the first 2 weeks that I begun to sell, eBay began banning these digital items for sale.


Other people have made tens of thousands of dollars in the past several years from selling them and they suspend my account when I just started to do so.

And so, I've been trying to reinstate my account for the last 11 months, which requires copies of a U.S. ID and a government or utility bill.

Where the heck am I supposed to get a government or utility bill? I've sent in a copy of my driver's license and my tuition bill... four times. They keep replying that the information I sent in was not legible. I printed in color AND I blew it up for them!!

Guess I'll wait for my new passport (or they need a magnifying glass)...


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