Following up on my vent post regarding my discontent with the policies on eBay, I've resorted to another method of selling PSP mod kits. Thanks to the glorious creation of Amazon.com, I've been able to sell my inventory of kits in just 3 days.

No wonder Amazon was able to grow to its currently dominant Internet status. Although the fees for selling on Amazon.com are higher compared to eBay, transactions are completed much quicker. Everything is laid out for potential buyers, like in a store. I don't have to wait for buyers to bid/pay nor do I have to go through Paypal to collect my money. They see what they want and pay. Then I ship the next day. The feedback on Amazon.com is of no major concern to me since I provide the best service possible.

Now I'll be ordering starting materials in larger quantities. In a future post, I'd be describing what steps I am taking to make this side gig more profitable!


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