Debt reduction seems to be the hottest topic in personal finance. That is because it is one of the most difficult thing to do and debt is the easiest thing to accumulate. The credit card is the prime tool for the submergence in debt for millions of Americans. Ever since, I've gotten my credit card, I have racked up a large balance from just the occasional spending on small purchases. Recently, it has caught my attention and has become a concern to my financial stability. Thus, I'm seeking to remove this debt soon.

From reading many other great personal finance blogs, I've looked into the many ways that people have successfully rid themselves of their credit card balances. I don't want to transfer the balance to a new card nor would I want to cut up the card. So the most reasonable debt reduction method would be to pay more than just the minimum in multiple payments per billing cycle.

My credit card balance is currently around $900, which mostly went to my little side gig for making money. I just made payment for $300. In a few days, after Amazon.com transfers my money to my bank account, I'll make another payment of $300.

Hopefully, I'll have the balance close to nothing by the end of the summer because that's when the promotional 0% APR offer would end. If I can prove to myself that I can stick to a plan for reducing my debt, I'd develop a good habit for paying back my college loans in the future.


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